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Weissman book is all you need for CPJE. They never ask for Federal pharmacy law just california law so stick to the weissman book.


Just call the USC bookstore to order it over the phone, it's not available online (213) 740-9030 and they mail it to within 2-4 business days. That's the only book you need for CPJE but keep in mind that CPJE focuses on clinical so you got to know your doses very well. Law questions reach a max of about 10 over the 95 questions on the test.

Good luck

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I would say not every drug. Specially drug with narrow therapeutic index. This question has always puzzled me. You should know that certain drugs are available as mcg and Mg and in routine work at Pharmacy many time when doctors office call prescription over the phone they give sig like may repeat in 2 hours, max two tabs a day sumatriptan 100mg. Those kind of things. Metformin is not effective below certain daily dose. In exam they want to know that you have an idea about the dose, dosage forms and frequency of administration. Nobody can remember everything and they don't expect that. I would concentrate on top 200 drugs. Every drug has something unique like for some drugs have unique dose, administration, storage etc
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