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hello forum friends,


i failed my first attempt at the naplex examination .( i thought that 18 years of experience in the field was enough ) i failed and felt terrible . i had relocated to the west coast , and now i had no job or money . :(

registered for pass naplex now course . found the 5 days went by so very fast . studied for the 90 days that i had to wait to re- test . took the naplex . did not find it impossible . to my surprise i scored 45 points higher than the first time passed with a score of over 100 points . i could not believe it . took the cpje and also passed with a 78 .[clap]

pass naplex now is the course that i recommend . good luck to all of you . you will find it worth the money .

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how many students were in your class?

It is so so expenxive, but you have encouraged me to look into it.

i just checked next class is february...Do you think i should go for that?

Also, can you tell me how long it took from the day you registered to receive the ATT approval. I finished my internship about two months ago but I am so confused about the next step. i just dread naplex and cpje but now I MUST ACT.


Thankyou. Also I will appreciate any tips on studies and the whole naplex experience


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shikonesta, answer to question, i used the pass naplex books as study guides . no other texts. however i did take some chase naplex quizes two weeks before exam .


singjuba, answer to your question , we had about 25 students . all ages , many different ethnic groups . very expensive indeed . if you can borrow some of the money , just think about how soon you can pay it back after you pass and start making 60 dollars an hour as a rph ?!

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