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Reasons to Attend Colleges or Universities

Yoga Taruna

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Question :

People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend colleges? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Answer :

There are many reasons why people attend colleges or universities. Since colleges and universities are primarily educational institutions, it is easily concluded that most people who decide to attend colleges or universities do so because they want to gain new knowledge and learn skills that are useful for their life in the future. Another reason is because they want to make friends and socialize with other people, learn to manage their life and time, and have new experience.

Mastering the most up-to-date knowledge and skills is essential to face the future. The world is changing so rapidly and the rapid advancement of science and technology poses new challenges and influences the way of people’s life. Those who cannot respond accordingly to the challenges will lag behind. Therefore, people need to equip themselves with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills to prepare for the future. Colleges and universities can help people do so. To those who like to learn, colleges and universities give many opportunities to fulfill their desire.

Besides the reason to gain new knowledge, most people who decide to attend colleges or universities also want to make friends and socialize with other people. By nature, humans are social beings who cannot live alone and thus need other people to interact with. When someone grows up and has finished his/her high school, his/her world becomes wider and his/her necessities are not so simple as before. Consequently, the wider one’s world is, the more people he/she needs to interact with. Colleges and universities can serve as the right places in which students can meet and mingle with other people in order to enhance their understanding and broaden their connections.

Another common reason to attend colleges or universities is because they offer new experience. For example, learning process in universities is different from that in high schools. The former is basically meant to prepare the students to enter the professional world, while the latter is meant to equip the students with basic knowledge and skills to lead a decent life. Subsequently, the former insists self-reliance, while the latter is typically dominated by the teachers. By adapting themselves to the learning process in universities, students are building their own self-reliance and obtaining new experiences. Moreover, most colleges and universities also provide extracurricular activities that help the students develop their talents and potentials.

In short, most people attend colleges or universities to prepare for the better future. Accordingly, most colleges and universities provide many opportunities for their students to achieve their goals and fulfill their personal interests.

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In my opinion, you haven't answered

1. how college/universities help to master knowledge and skills

what is the difference between learning in universities and in others (home, friends, ...)

The conditions, equipment ? Professors, doctors,...

2. you think if you cant attend college or university, you won't make friend or communicate with others ?

This reason is good but you need to point out the advantage or something special, sth make you want to be in university. I think so :D

3. I think you should give some SPECIFIC example. your vocabulary is very good but you express your idea so common.


That's my points :) my teacher said that :p

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Thank you very much PhE0niX and Tino for your comments.

Next time I will try to focus on the main question.

When writing under pressure (for example, in order to meet the deadline), I often face difficulties in finding the right words or the right ideas. As a result, I force myself to write and end up with writing just whatever seems good though it is not really relevant to the topic being asked. That’s my weakness I’m still struggling to overcome.

Thanks again for pointing out my mistakes.

:) :tup:

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This is a common and understandable error. You do not have to tell the truth, you can just make up examples. But the point is, you need to answer the question, and provide some examples (personal examples the best). Again, just make it up if you need.


In my opinion, and from my experience, people with good English get a lower score than they deserve on the TOEFL, especially writing and speaking, because they are TOO CLEVER in their answers. No need to be so clever an perfect. What you need to do is ANSWER THE QUESTION. I really cannot say this enough. I see this all, all, all the time.



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