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Chemistry major HORRIBLE writer.....Please critique!


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The belief that the increase in knowledge has forced people to specialize and in turn created a range so vast that the specialist themselves are no longer able to influence each other is a interesting issue. Many people believe that the specialist have created a substantially better market, allowing the consumer to receive better care and products while decreasing the amount of effort involved with locating and purchasing products and care, but these people overlook the important fact that the gap created for these specialized services also limits the influence that the now dis-joined industries have on each other. In this issue I will argue that the increase in specialize care and products outweighs the decrease that the industries influence each other.



There are many reasons to believe that a decrease in industrial influence would in fact out weigh the benefits of specialization, however it can not be overlooked that specialization allows for substantially better products as well as care due most importantly to allowing specialist to concentrate efforts on specific areas rather than what is more often than not a labyrinth of multiple convoluted industries that have been joined together in an effort to reduce cost. A classic example of this would be the increase of specialization in the medical field over the last fifteen years. Specialization has become so prevalent in the medical field largely through the increase in knowledge has now made it much easier to locate and get appointments and most importantly get the appropriate care. In this example it is easy to see that the benefit of specialization far outweighs any decrease in influence created by the specialization itself.



In the example listed above the increase in knowledge did in fact create the outburst of specialization, however the industry it’s self has not been so disjoined as to loose the importance of influence between the specialities them selves. Industries themselves where close communication and influence is necessary can in fact establish decrees and or qualified individuals to oversee the industry as a whole while keeping everyones best interest in mind.



I have argued that the benefits of specialization far outweighs or in fact has no influence over the the actual influencing of the industries themselves. Many of the specialization versus industry gain or loss arguments will never be resolved, but in the long run the increase in specialization outweighs the loss of influence that specialities have on each other. Finally the increase of specialized care not only in the medical field but any field will only result in more customers regardless of the product being able to get what they need and or want by knowledgeable industry leaders.

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