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Some questions on Marketing PHD Application


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Hi, everyone.


I really love this forum because everyone here is nice and a lot of people are dedicated to helping new members. I am here to seek advice on my problems.


I want to do modeling in marketing, but the problem is that I don't have a solid mathematic background. My undergraduate major is marketing and I am currently in a pre-PHD program that is also in marketing department. Since I don't want to do CB just because I want to get admitted by a top B-school, I am considering attending more math-related courses such as advanced econometrics, to make up for my weakness. Will this kind of strategy work? What else can I do? Is it possible for applicants who have similar backgrounds to be admitted as marketing modeling PHD in top B-schools?


Thanks for any suggestion!

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Taking some classes in econometrics won't hurt, but in my opinion it won't be enough to get admitted by most modeling programs.


I'd take the same approach when applying to economics Ph.D. programs and either do some type of post-bacc program to get Calc I-III, LA, ODE/PDE, probability/stochastic theory, modeling, and real analysis under your belt; or you can get a Masters in a quant program (Math/Stats/Applied Stats/Econ).


Depending on how high of a ranking you want to apply to, this may or may not be overkill.

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Thanks, Behavioral. As this is my first year in the program and I still have some time to think about my application, your advice help me a lot to plan my next step.


I took Calc I-III, LA and probability theory when I was an undergraduate. Although I got nearly full marks in those three, I don't think it's enough. I am seriously considering a economic master now. In addition, I am applying an exchange to Tilburg University (in the Netherlands), and ideally, I may take a lot of courses in economics major there. Hope this could help. I really I don't want to spend another 2 years in a master program. :(

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