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how can i check my toefl writings

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please edit my toefl writing  

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  1. 1. please edit my toefl writing

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Many people have different ideas about the necessity of sports for college and university students. From my experience, I agree that students need sport time because it helps them become active, reduces their stresses, and teaches them team work.

First, the greatest benefit of sporting for college and university students is helping them become more active and energetic. This is crucial for students because these days they spend most of their time behind their desk or computer. Also they are many teenagers and youngsters who are overweight and this obligatory sport time can be very effective for their health and may be it is useful for lowering the rate of obesity between young people.

Secondly, sports and exercises are really useful because they can reduce stresses. Many students get very nervous when they are taking a test. That can affect their performance. Many articles show that doing exercise can positively influence the student’s results by reducing their stresses. Also it helps them concentrate better on their studies. For instance playing tennis has actually lessened my stress and as a result of it last semester I really did well in my exams.

Finally, sport time encourages student to learn team work. These kinds of group activities prepare students for a larger society that they will attend in the future. It helps them mix with other easily. I also believe that in team work students become familiar with the real meaning of triumph and failure.

To sum up, I definitely agree that sports are necessary for all students. I really suggest that colleges and universities provide good facilities for student’s sports. Energetic and healthy students can become more successful in their studies.

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