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Do we get moderated all our life ?


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I was wondering if all the messages get moderated or if once a user has enough validated posts, he can skip through moderation.

If so, what are the exact rules ?


Moderation is particularly annoying especially in fast moving threads such as the "sweat thread" in the PhD Econforum. When a post gets validated, the thread has already moved far away.

So if we knew the rules, I could just wait to reach that status before posting in fast moving threads.


thanks for maintaining these forums anyway

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Once you hit 30 posts, moderation eases up significantly. So just reply here (edit: to increment your posts from 29 to 30) and see if there are any improvements.


That said, I made some adjustments to the system that will make it easier for posts to go through (since forum spam is less an issue these days than it was in years past).


FYI the settings are complicated--there are over 100 different things to adjust, and there are two filtering services (Akismet and Stop Forum Spam) that are called by the forum.


Hope it's a bit better now, and sorry for any inconvenience.



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