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Please recommend universities for Masters in Economics as a terminal degree


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I wouldn't ask a general question without doing any research. I have selected about 8 universities matching with my profile and would want all of you to kindly advice me whether I am on the right track or whether I am missing some places or if I am overconfident with some.

I am in the final year of Undergrad in Economics from University of London (International Program) from an affiliate center (of Uof london) in India and I have completed some introductory and intermediate coursework in economics as well as completing advanced coursework in math and economics

Firstly, I want to pursue a Masters in Economics simply in order to grab the full story. By that I mean, after learning Econometrics and Macroeconomics, I am very inclined towards real econometric theory with applications of linear algebra and real macroeconomic theory with math. This is the reason why I am choosing institutes which are not money-making ones, for e.g. LSE, no offence to LSE but I judge it as a money maker including all other institutes in UK. When I go to graduate school to do economics, I want it to be more of investment of time and less of money (I am aware that masters students don't receive full funding but I do see tuition fees as a major constraint when looking at institutes) . I want to apply Masters to non-academic areas like economic research (like consulting agencies), official institutions (banks, funds). So overall, at the moment, I am not committed to a PhD, I feel that actually spending a year in graduate school will make me realize if I am capable enough or not. So I want to use Masters in Economics as a terminal degree for job market, particularly research institutions. Please look at my profile and choice of institutes and give me any input or advice, I highly appreciate your time and advice.




Type of undergrad: Bachelor of Science, Economics

Undergrad GPA: Upper Second Class (UK) (Expected in 2015) (Prediction based on current sem grades)

If I convert on random online websites, I get 3.61 but don't know how accurate that is , any legitimate websites?


Math Courses: Mathematics I (A-) [basic Calc - single and multi var, Matrices, Sequences]

Mathematics II (A-) [Further Calc (multi-var), Differential Eq, Difference Eq, Basic Linear Algebra]

Further Mathematics (A-) [ Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Optimisation Theory]

Book Used: Simon and Blume ; Bartle Real Analysis

Mathematical Economics (A-) [Constrained, Intertemporal Optimisation; Optimal control using diff. eq]

Book Used: Hammond and Dixit


Stats Courses Statistics I (B) [basic Distributional Theory and Regression]

Statistics II (A-) [Prob Theory, Distributional Theory incl. Random var and expectations, Inference Theory, Regression]

Econometrics (A-) [book used: Dougherty Econometrics)


Econ Courses Introduction to Economics (A-) [Micro : Cons, Prod, Mkt structures, extern Macro: goods mkt, money mkt, employment and eq, infl and unempl and open econ]

Book used : Amos witztum economics

Intermediate Microeconomics (A) [Cons, Intertemporal choice, Uncertainty, firm, comp and monopoly, oligopoly and game theory, asymmetric info, externalities and pg]

Books used: Perloff, Varian

Intermediate Macroeconmics (B+) [iS-LM, AS-AD, Inflation and PC, Solow Growth, BP and Mundel Flemming OE, Theories of Cons,Inv, Money demand and supply, Monetary and Fiscal Policy]

Books Used: Blanchard, Dornbusch, Mankiw

International Economics (A-) [book followed: Krugman and Obstfeld]

Monetary Economics (A) [ Books followed: Lewis and Mizen, Walsh, Maccallum]


Other Courses Corporate Finance (Failed) - Retaking this year

Business and Management (B)

Graduate Work: None

GRE: Q 165

TOEFL: 104 (Speaking: 29, Writing:27)


Research Interests: Macroeconometrics - want to use or learn tools in econometrics (mainly time series and forecasting) to analyze tools of monetary policy like inflation targeting (currently a big thing in India right now)

International Economics (International Finance in particular)


Research Experience: None so far

Teaching Experience: None


Letters of Recommendation: 1 from LSE graduate who taught me for 2 years, and I was consistently in top 1% in his class, also got an achievement award from him given to only one student every year , 1 from UPF Barcelona GSE Graduate who knows me since 1.5 years, again was in top 1% in his class and last from a grad from local institution here in India who taught me for more than 2 years and 2 different subjects where in the first I was somewhere in top 10% and top 1% in next


Applying to : 1 UBC Vancouver MA Economics

2 Barcelona GSE MS Economics

3 Tufts University MS Economics

4 Wisconsin Madison MS Economics

5 CEMFI MS Economics

6 UCL MSc Economics

7 NUS MS Applied Economics

8 Stockholm MS International Economics

9 Grad Geneva MS International Economics


Concerns 1. Reputation of Undergrad degree: The course can be pursued anywhere in world as University of London has recognised teaching centers throughout the world, it is also mentioned on LSE's website as it has been designed by LSE

University of London International Programmes with academic direction provided by LSE. - University of London International Programmes - Study - Home.

I am not sure if this course will be a downside when applying to USA and Canada and Europe. Based on books I mentioned being followed, what do you guys think? One Uni in switzerland told me that where university doesnt have a seat in your country,

then the degree is not recognized. I didn't face any other problems, not sure if this is a disadvantage.


2. No Research Experience: There is no requirement other than completion of coursework and my institute being a teaching center of a much larger institute (Uni of london) there is no research work that goes on here. Hence that part of the window is shut and on top of that, finding research assistant opportunities in my city paid no dividends as undergrads aren't given much importance. I don't know how I could fill this gap in my application, any ideas? I thought of writing an independent thesis and get one of the teachers

to supervise my work but not sure if that would be of any value. Any ideas? Having no research experience will be a major disadvantage in my SOP where I am forced to base the statement heavily on my interests, inspirations and upcoming work rather than relating it to any particular work or contribution I have made in the past. Please advice


3. Calculation of GPA for UK Grades: Our final exam papers go to LSE and are marked there according to UK grade classification and I don't know how to convert these into letter grades, any help ?

I used the following:

Percentage Grade

70-100 A

65-69 A-

60-64 B+

55-59 B

50-54 C+

45-49 C-

40-44 C


Can anyone provide any legitimate source for conversion? I have eleven grades above 60, out of which eight are above 65,of which one is above 70; and the rest of three below 65 but greater than 60.

I didn't count subjects not related to econ (finance and business) in gpa, is it acceptable to do that? I think failure in finance would significantly lower my cumulative gpa, kind of unfair.


I can't find more than 2 good universities (under decent budget) in USA : Wisconsin-Madison (any input on this, they just started a masters) and Tufts (why is this not ranked anywhere? also cant find any discussion threads on this)

I am not considering the money makers Boston, Duke, New York, Columbia, Texas Austin, Michigan, Minnesota and Cornell, is any of them worth giving a shot? How about the lower ranked ones like Houston, Colorado-Denver and Florida State?

Also as per advice by professor, not considering anything apart from UBC in Canada, like toronto, waterloo, york, queens, mcgill etc, what do you guys think? Plus any other unis outside of usa and canada?


Whoa, I asked a whole lot of questions, I am really sorry

But Extremely pleased about this forum and quality of people here and really appreciate your advice on my issue!!!

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