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Question About Being Muzzled


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I was muzzled recently due to having too many infraction points. And while I was on that status, I could not post any new threads, reply to topics, or send any messages. However, while browsing the Feedback forum, Inoticed that other muzzled members were still able to start threads. I'm just wondering why I was unable to create any new threads while I was muzzled. Thank you.
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Well, I had understood being muzzled to mean being moderated, like Michael said. So that's why I was confused when there were no "Post Reply" or "Start Thread" buttons. I thought maybe I had to accept the Forum Rules in order to do that, so I did that, but I was still unable to post at all. Even when I clicked the "Reply with Quote" button, it simply gave me a message saying I didn't have permission to perform that function.


(I had to wait until the muzzle came off to post this thread)


But maybe it was just a glitch on my account. Anyways, I'm unmuzzled now and I intend to keep it that way, so I don't have any further questions. Thank you both for your help.

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