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Profile Evaluation - PhD in Management/OB/HR (2015)


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Hi everyone! I'm new to this site but it has been really helpful and interesting so far. I would really appreciate if anyone could provide me a profile evaluation. I'm mostly concerned about my age (I'm around the youngest I have seen on this site) and my lack of a grad degree.

Program Applying to: Management/OB/HR

Undergrad Degree/GPA: BS in Psychology from a high-ranked public school/3.9 (major GPA is 4.0)

Age: 22

GRE: 327 (165 in Verbal; 162 in Quant; 4.5 Writing)

Work experience: 2 years full time during undergrad (unrelated) and 2 years full time post-undergrad as a manager (I graduated at 20), 4 years volunteering, including 1 year running a non-profit

Teaching experience: no real teaching experience, but I assisted in teaching elementary school students and have tutored 10+ college/grad students in Math/writing

Research experience: 3 years undergrad (research assistant in 3 labs) and 2 years post-undergrad as a lab manager (all psychology), 6 months assisting OB professor in negotiations research

Letters of recommendation: 3 from psychology professors currently conducting research (2 are big names, the other is head of psych dept but not well known)

Research interests: OCB/prosocial behavior

Schools:I'm applying to 15 schools (wide range of rankings)


I have been in contact with some professors in the programs that I met through recruiting events and working with OB professors and current grad students, who all sounded very encouraging, but I really have no clue where I stand. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I think your profile looks pretty good. I imagine you'll get some interest. I agree, though, that for some programs, age might be an issue--although not all. There are certainly plenty of OB programs that like students with little/no work experience.


All in all, I think your profile looks pretty good.

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I would say looks very good. Personally I wouldn't be very concerned about age discrimination. I think younger applicants on average have had less time to accomplish things, but you 2 years of post-college work experience and a lot of research experience.


I don't know much about OB, but all of this sounds correct. Your lack of "real world experience" should be more than made up for by your research experience.

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