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Hi Erin,


Just want to see if you might reconsider the forum changes? They have absolutely decimated the Econ forum. URLs don't work rendering all stickied threads useless as they contain many many links to now non-existent URLs. I don't have the time to fix them all, there are literally hundreds.


Bookmarks are also rendered useless. In fact, I thought the forum was down for 10 days before eventually just googling to see if anyone had mentioned the issue elsewhere and found the new links to the site.


I think if people were told before the changes, that this could all have been smoothly done, but I'm sure there are many folks who will not bother with the econ forum as they may think it is "down" if they haven't fixed their bookmarks and even if they find the site it is basically useless in its current state for new members with all the broken URLs. I can't see any way for the forum to go on successfully with all of the links to its valuable information broken in one fell swoop.


I don't think your intent was to render the site useless but the changes have done so, traffic is down dramatically and those who are on the site can't use it.

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