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Technology makes people's lives simpler rather than more complicated.




There are always two sides of a coin, in a similar way technology advancement also have it's pros and cons.But, according to me it have helped more in simplyfying our lifes than making it complicated.



For example, in earlier times just for delivering a simple message we had to write a letter and post it and it used to take weeks for it to get deliverd.Just imagine a situation which needs urgency.But, now a days contacting somebody is just a seconds away.This gives lot of security and confidance to people and also even though families are at distant locations they still can get in contact whenever they want.



In the field of medical science now that we have so many advanced technologies such as advanced machines like artifical pacemakers, sophisticated blood dialysis equipments ,better ways to handle child birth , better drugs and cures and many more . This has increased the overall life expectancy of human beings.



With the latest technology we are able to improve and simplify our education system.Earlier when everything was based on book learning, which was not necessarliy available to all the students but now with internet we are able to gather any kind of educational material. Also, the more the information is spread among people there will be more chances of improvement of the overall education system.



But, this advancement has come with it's cost.The improvement of technology has made human beings very lazy.Even for the smallest things of day to day life people are relying completely on the technlogy, which in the long run can cause lot of physical problems to the entire society on whole.



Moreover, technology has introduced lots and lots advanced war machines and missiles and weapons of destruction , which are capable to destroy the entire earth.



In conclusion, we can say that technolgy has made human life simpler in all the aspects hence providing them with the ample amount of their time so that they can work in whichever field they like , rather than spending their time in trivial activites.It has made the entire world into a global village.Helped in bringing the people together.Though it has negative aspects as well like weapons responsible for mass destruction.But, as we say nothing is entirely black or white, but rather a shade of gray.But the lighter the shade is the better it is, And according to me technology has helped in improving and simplifying the life more than it has made it complicated.

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