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Profile Evaluation: MPhil Oxford/MSc LSE/TSE/SciencesPo


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I understand at this time it may be too late to ask this question, but I certainly would love some advice. I have already submitted all the applications, but I am not sure what chance I have to get into one of these programs. Any comments on my profile and on the programs that I am applying to are welcomed. Many thanks to my fellow applicants.


Type of Undergrad: Top 10 LAC in US, very good relation with all the schools I am applying to

Undergrad GPA: 3.90 Overall / 3.97 Economics Major

Type of Grad: N/A

Grad GPA: N/A

GRE: V164+Q170+AW4.5

Math Courses: Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Probability Modeling

Econ Courses (grad-level): Macroeconomics, Game Theory, Real World Organizations

Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Macro, Econometrics, Adv Micro, Adv Macro, Adv Econometrics, Economics of Immigration, International Trade Theory, Behavioral Economics (IP), International Macroeconomics (IP)

Other Courses: Semester abroad: Probability Modeling, Macroeconomics, Game Theory (Excellent), Real World Organizations (Very Good); taken at a very prestigious master program in France (graduate-level)

Letters of Recommendation:

1 from the professor who initiates the exchange program, the author of a widely-used textbook in the field, in very good relation as our school is the first US institute to have an exchange program with the French school, and I was the first ever nominee

1 from my academic advisor, professor of intermediate micro/behavioral, knows me well

1 from my intermediate macro/adv. macro professor, I survived his to-be-said hardest econ class on campus although personally I did not talk to him as much as I did to the other two professors

Research Experience: 2 RA experiences, one in Behavioral Economics, one in Geography

Teaching Experience: N/A

Research Interests: Behavioral and Experimental Economics

SOP: average, nothing too special, plainly stated my ambition and relevant academic background (I chose econ courses only in advanced level beside the cores, and seized the opportunity to take graduate courses in France)

Concerns: mediocre resume, no significant RA experiences, did not do very well at semester abroad (one Excellent, one Very Good, one Good, one Satisfactory, by French standard actually not too bad)

Other: I am an international and a recipient of college scholarships, which rarely offered to internationals

Applying to:

MPhil Oxford (Oxford, UK), 2nd deadline

MSc LSE (London, UK)

MA Sciences Po (Paris, FR)

M1 International Track TSE (Toulouse, FR)

MA Columbia (New York, US)

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