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Prepared for Real Analysis?


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Courses taken:


  • Calc III
  • Linear Algebra
  • A course dealing with Diff Eqs
  • Probability
  • Mathematical Statistics


Courses I have NOT taken:


  • A serious proofs-oriented course, which I know is important for Real Analysis


I'd like to apply to econ Ph.D programs this fall, so I'd likely take Real Analysis this summer. I'm planning to take off time from work to fully dedicate myself to the course. I'm also planning to do some proof prep in the two weeks before the class.



Still, I don't know if that would be enough preparation. What do you think?

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That is probably enough preparation. I had the same classes going into it and was fine. In the two weeks before the class try to read through the first couple chapters of Rudin or whatever book you are using just to familiarize yourself with the language and notation. Find a study group asap to work on problem sets with. Good luck!
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I guess this may depend on the school, but doesn't the mathematical stats sequence give you a slight flavor of what derivations/proofs look like? If you've felt comfortable with proofs covered in those courses, I think the transition into real analysis should be reasonably smooth.
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Generally, real analysis don't require preparation. Where I studied it was the first class in which we had to do some proofs. For some, it went well, for some it didn't. Half of the class failed... but it had no prerequisites. And I don't see what kind of class (except some intro to proofs) would help prepare to it.
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