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Phd Accounting profile evaluation and advice please.


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Hi,I was looking at accounting phd programs but could not find a comprehensive list the universities that offer phd in accounting. byuaccounting provides a ranking of accounting programs but it doesnt give any information regarding to gmat requirement.Here is my basic profile:Gmat: 690Master(MBA) gpa: 4.00(over 4) Undergrad gpa: 2.80 (over 4)Age: 38 (working in an asset management industry)Worked for a couple of years in a research institution in US, but dont have any publications in accredited journals.not a us citizenFirst Choices: University of Texas , AustinUniversity of Texas ,HoustonTexas at Arlington, University of, College of Business Administration Arlington, TX UConnTexas TechUniversity of ArizonaArizona StateLouisiana Tech University, College of Business Ruston, LA Mississippi State University, College of Business Mississippi State, MS Do you think my basic resume gives me a good shot to get into any of these schools? I am wide open on any suggestions on where else would be a good place for me to apply?Any help would be huge!! Thanks
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This list should be helpful: James Hasselback- Accounting Doctoral Programs


It's a bit outdated and not comprehensive (e.g. it doesn't include Boston College who just started their program in 2017 and I believe several have ended or suspended their programs, off-hand I know Memphis, Southern Illinois, and Mississippi State have suspended their accounting doctoral programs)


I do not want to be discouraging, but I feel your profile may be a little weak for the top ranked schools (Texas - Austin, Arizona, etc.). GMAT scores of 700 and above are generally seen as necessary to enter these programs. Also, your undergrad GPA is a bit low and you don't give much detail as to your work experience. You've provided limited background information, but maybe someone else with more experience can chime in with some helpful insights.


If you consider mid-level universities, it would greatly increase your chances of acceptance. Most of their websites will post minimum scores (typically 600-650) and yours becomes much more competitive at this level. I do not believe the universities you have listed at this level currently have an accounting doctoral program. However, I encourage you to use the Hasselbeck list with the BYU rankings to determine a university that will be a good fit. You particularly want to line up with a similar research method for the current faculty, even better if you line up in topic. Finally, don't rule out the "Other" category on the BYU rankings if you don't feel like you fit in the archival, behavioral, or analytical categories. If you need some help with this, I believe the same BYU site has a wiki on an accounting Ph.D.


To help us help you, perhaps you could provide more information regarding your research background and work experience. Also helpful would be your research interests, particularly method and topic.

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