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LOR from AP or tenured professor


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Hi all,


I am an applied math and econ major in an Ivy-League school and I am thinking of applying to phd programs in econ this fall. So far I have had three professors agreeing to write me recommendation letters (one I RAed for, one supervised my independent study and one I took seminar and wrote a term paper) and I had good relationships with all of them.


The issue is, all of my three recommenders are young assistant professors. Should I try to have a more senior professor as my recommender? (If I do so, the letter from the senior professor may not be very strong, I only took his class and wrote a final paper). And in general, how is a strong letter from a young AP compared to a semi-strong letter from a tenured professor?



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Take the one from the AP. Given where you are, they will understand the game perfectly well.


I'm interested in this question because of my similar position. Even if a strong letter from the AP is net beneficial, is the signalling capacity of an AP lower? Jlist on this forum has said "I want to see LORs from professors I know assuring me that this candidate has the capacity to succeed" conveying the general impression that professor reputation matters.

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