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Evaluation: PhD Economics, next steps before applying in fall 2019


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University: Satellite Campus for large State School.

Major: Economics

Minor: Mathematics;

Calc I-III

Linear Alg

Differential Eq

Numerical Analysis

Computers and Programming (R and Python)

Probability and Stats

GPA: 3.94

Major GPA: 4.0



Took a GRE practice test without studying to see what I was working with, I aim to study a bunch and bring that quant score to at least 165:



Verbal: 156

Quant: 153



Research Experience:

Light amount of research with my professor. Put together literature review for research on foreign direct investment

Did Fed Challenge which took research and forecasting

Currently engaging in independent research on monetary shocks and equity responses to them

Applied for summer research opportunities (this summer 2019)



Work Experience

Music Teacher

Intern as Client Associate at Merrill Lynch




How do I approach reaching out to prospective thesis advisors? Is it too forward to ask whether or not they will be accepting Ph.D. students in the year for which I would potentially attend?

I know the top names in the field (Monetary economics), but is it unrealistic to reach out to them with such a question? Should I aim to reach out to somebody who is less known but still prominent? It seems like a tall order to reach out to a Frederic Mishkin or John Taylor asking if they will be looking for research assistant lol.

That being the case, how do I find a happy medium. Those individuals who are well connected to the career I want yet are not so famous as to ignore the email?




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Economics programs do not accept students to work with individual faculty.


You should be focusing on


(1) Getting a higher GRE: at least 167 for places like Stanford or Columbia.

(2) Talking to the people who will be writing you letters. Where have people from Rutgers-Newark gone before?

(3) Considering a two year RA position after graduation rather than going directly to graduate school.

(4) Maybe some more math, depending somewhat what was in the courses you've already had.

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