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Profile Review/Where should I apply to?


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Doesn't seem like there are any Roll Call threads anymore, but I'll still use the format from the old ones. I'm a rising 3rd year, and will be graduating in 3.5 years:



Type of Undergrad: Honours Economics, Minors Mathematics and Urban Systems at a Top 3 Canadian University

Undergrad GPA: 3.5/4.0, 3.8/4.0 for Econ

Type of Grad: N/A

Grad GPA: N/A

GRE: Yet to take

Math Courses: Calc 1 and 2 (No grade, AP credit exemption), Calc 3 (D, B+, I'll explain later), Differential equations ©, Linear Algebra (B+), Algebra 1 (A), Algebra 2 (A), Mathematical Statistics (A), Analysis I (taking next fall), Analysis 2 (taking next winter)

Econ Courses (grad-level): Game Theory (A-), Micro I & 2 (next fall & winter)

Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Honours Micro, Macro, Stats, and Econometrics (A- in all 4), Honours open economy macroeconomics (A), Political Economy of Trade Policy (A)

Other Courses: Foundations of Programming (A), Urban Field Studies (may be relevant? taking next fall), will take a few more Computer Science courses, particularly Data Structures.

Letters of Recommendation: Haven't asked yet but will be my pretty well known metrics prof, my game theory and open economy prof, and a younger prof who will be supervising my undergraduate thesis.

Research Experience: Research internship with a well known think tank, undergraduate thesis

Teaching Experience: Going to try and find a TA position in either the MATH or ECON departments this year, have worked as a tutor for the econ students association

Research Interests: Urban Economics and Game Theory

SOP: Haven't thought about it yet

Concerns: My grades in computational mathematics suck lol. I got a D in Calc 3 during the first semester of my second year. I took a supplemental exam (essentially counts as retaking the class in one exam) and got a B+, which is decent I suppose.

Other: Sorry that a lot of this is speculative. I'm really just trying to get a feel for where I should be looking for a PhD, or if a masters first would be better. Also, just to clarify, the linear algebra I got a B+ in was the 100-level version, Algebra 1 and 2 are the 200-level majors version.

Applying to: Please tell me where I should be looking. I'd prefer to stay in Canada or go to Europe, but am not against somewhere in the US.

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Strength of your profile hinges on your future grades in Analysis I and Grad Micro I. You should really bump this thread in early December (or whenever you know your fall grades) and ask for a evaluation then.


Conditional on an A or A- in both, I think you should apply to all the top MA programs in Canada, and then decide afterwards whether you want to continue a PhD at the same school or apply to a PhD program in the U.S. I don't think your profile is strong enough for direct entry to a top 15 US PhD econ anyway, so it makes sense to just focus on the top MA's in Canada for now. Canadian MA's filter out some students from the MA to PhD stage, so they're easier to get admitted into for the MA stage. You seem like a late bloomer academically, so that works for you.

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Hey, bumping this thread. Got some updates: got an A in analysis and a B+ in Grad Micro. Also did better than expected in some classes I gave predicted grades for. Probably gonna be doing an MA Econ at the school I went to for undergrad. I recently posted an updated version of my profile if you wanna take a full look here: https://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/162236-profile-review-school-suggestions.html
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