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GPA cutoff that gets screened out?


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Hi everyone,


Was wondering if anyone has any idea about the GPA cutoff that gets screened out in the initial stage for PhD Econ admissions. My overall GPA is 3.5 (graduated with honors) with Econ major GPA around 3.7 and Math major GPA around 3.6 (you can see my previous evaluation post here: https://www.www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/161111-profile-evaluation.html). Could 3.5 be automatically screened out at top 10 schools or so?



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Like what was mentioned in your profile evaluation thread, the strength of the letters from your supervisors during your pre-doc at the top 10 will largely drive the success of breaking into top 10s. Furthermore, the GPA that is relevant to admissions is your econ and math GPA; both of which are sufficiently high, for that matter.
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