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Sending Fall Grades - Advice


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I have recently received my fall grades after submitting all the applications. Unfortunately, I got a B+ for the PhD Microeconomics class. My other grades are fine ( three As in other economics class and an A- in a math class). I have sent the fall grades to some schools which request them but not to some schools which say it is optional.


Should I send the grades? I heard that it is a bad signal if I have a B+ for the graduate class but I feel like not sending the grades is also a bad signal. The fact that my other grades are not bad also makes me want to send the grades. Thank you so much for your advice and good luck to everyone who is applying this cycle.

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There isn't an exact answer to these questions. I interpret an A- as "you did okay, but not great." However, after the first two years no one ever cares about your grades in a PhD program.


Here are what grades mean in UCSB first-year courses. (I'm not asserting these generalize a whole lot.)


Grading is subjective. The grading standards are:

A excellent, at the level of understanding needed to pass the prelim

A- close to the level needed to pass

B+ substantial work is needed to be at the level to pass

B even with substantial work, might not be at the level needed to pass

B- performance is so far below the needed level to pass that the course must be retaken

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