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What Math Classes to Take Before Grad Stats or "Math for Economists"?


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So ultimately I want to take Grad Micro and Statistics while at undergrad and was wondering what math classes I would have to take beforehand in order to be best prepared for those two. Right now I'm planning to take honors sections of Calc III and Linear Algebra but I'm not sure what the rest will entail? Maybe some real analysis? Any abstract algebra? Thanks
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I agree with tbe. In your two-semester probability and statistics sequence, probability will be harder than statistics. It is a good class to take.


How many more semesters do you have before you apply for graduate school?


Abstract algebra is not necessary, but if it's something you love, than go ahead and take it. If you want to look at other useful classes beyond Calc III & Honors linear algebra (and probability & statistics), I'd suggest in order of importance:

- Real analysis (The honors LA class should be proof-based, good preparation for this class).

- Advanced probability (this might be measure theory/stochastic processes). I think graduate/advanced probability > graduate statistics.

- Topology (undergraduate is sufficient).


Differential equations is also a good class, but I'm assuming you will have covered this topic in your calculus classes. This is also a computational class that is fairly easy to learn on your own, as well.


I think there are probably better courses to take than graduate statistics, in my opinion. Micro I is a good choice though. Do know that in your math for economists class, you will do a lot of optimization, so a solid grounding in calculus is important. In Micro, you will do proofs - the Honors LA and Real Analysis will help you here. Probability/Statistics will help you in metrics.

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I'm a rising sophomore so I have plenty of time. Just want to plan it out so I know which classes to take when. The first year math for economists course covers constrained optimization so Kuhn-Tucker, envelope theorem, etc. The professor for that class said that real analysis will be sufficient as a prerequisite but after looking over the syllabus and material, a lot looks foreign. Would the proof based LA and Calc III be a good foundation to have before taking that course? Real Analysis is in the fall and because of timing I wouldn't be able to take it until fall of 2021.
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I don't know your course schedule but here is one potential schedule if you cannot take RA until Fall 2021. I see nothing wrong with taking real analysis concurrently with math for economics, which is far more computational than you think, if it uses standard textbooks. It is going to look a bit foreign but as long as you have solid calculus and linear algebra foundations you will be fine - it is often just an extension of that material. I am assuming that your school has a two-semester sequence of probability and stats that starts in the fall.


Question: When do you want to take Micro I? This assumes you want to take it Senior Fall, but you may wish to take it in Junior Fall (it'll definitely be on your transcript, this will help your letters). I can DM you more if you give me more context.


Soph Fall: Honors LA / Calc III / Probability

Soph Spring: Diff Eq / Statistics

Jr Fall: Real Analysis / Math for Economics

Jr Spring: (advanced probability or topology or second semester real analysis or advanced linear algebra)

Sen Fall: Micro I

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