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PhD in Economics at LBS, Imperial and King's


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Hello everybody,


I'm currently doing my Master in Economics at the University of Zurich and want to pursue a PhD after my Master studies. Among other options I plan to apply for PhD-Programms in the UK. As far as I know the best Options for that are LSE, UCL, Oxbridge and Warwick.


I know that LBS, Imperial College and Kings College also offer PhDs in Economics and all of them are good Universities but I haven't heard anything about their Economics PhDs. I was therefore wondering what their quality and reputation is like (for instance compared to PhD programs at Essex, Nottingham or Edinburgh).


About my background, I'm particularly interested in Applied Microeconomics and Public Economics and plan to stay in academia after the PhD.


Thanks for your help!

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You can just look at placement data from the schools you're interested in, and ascertain if the median placement is something that you'll be fine with. That would be the best gauge for whether or not you should apply there.


Most of the UK PhD programmes that you listed don't begin with 2 years of coursework. Admitted students enter straight into the research phase of the programme. Therefore admitted students enter with a huge variance in their technical abilities, which will be reflected in their eventual placements, most of the time. That's why the top schools in the UK have adopted the US-style of PhD programmes, with 2 years of coursework for everyone before moving on to the research phase.

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