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Profile Evaluation for 2021 fall


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Hello guys,


I'm from WFU and want to applay for PhD candidate program for 2021 fall.


Degree: BS in Math and BA in Economics

Current GPA: 3.90

GRE: Q169+V155

Math Course: Multivariable, Liner Algebra, ODE, PDE, Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Stochastic Calculus, Discrete Dynamic System. All of them are A, and currently taking grad level measure theory.

Econ course: I heard Ugrad econ course doesn't matter. But all of them are A

LOR: I've not started to talk with them. But probably one from my econ thesis advisor (strong?), another strong or very strong from my math thesis advisor. And I think I can definitely find a strong professor who has taught me before.

Research Experience: Not any at now. But I'm working on two thesis (one math and one econ) this semester, hope can add at least something to my PS and CV

TA experience: math tutor


I want to focus on Micro for my PhD program. I have some thoughts on schools like UCSD, UMich, UWisconsin-Maddison, UPenn. I'm even considering MIT and Stanford, although I know the odd is low.


Do I have to take another GRE test to get over 330?


Any thought or advice on this? Thanks!

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This is an interesting case because WFU is not ranked in Economics; however it is a top 30 national university so the student quality & rigor is high. Do you know where past students have placed before?


As for the GRE, you do not need to retake it. No one cares about the verbal score (unless its really low


It would be better to have 3 LORs from Economists; you can also ask your professors' opinion on whether a pre-doc or RA position might make sense in the upcoming cycle.

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