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Profile Evaluation for Fall 2021


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Profile Evaluation 2021 Fall PhD applications



Type of Undergrad: Top 30 US News

Undergrad GPA: 3.45

Type of Grad:

Grad GPA:

GRE: 160/160/5, my power went out during at home exam and lost a lot of time. Retaking at end of October, should easily get 165+Q


Math Courses: Calculus I (3.5), Calculus 2 (4.0), Multivariate Calculus (4.0), Intro Proofs (4.0), Analysis I (4.0), Linear Algebra (next semester), Abstract Algebra (next semester), PhD Statistics/Econometrics (4.0)


Econ Courses: Intro Micro (4.0), Intro Macro (4.0), Intermediate Micro (3.5), Intermediate Macro (3.0), Advanced Micro (Game Theory, 4.0), International Trade (4.0), Economic Analysis of Asia (4.0), Labor economics (4.0), Economics of Sports (4.0), Research Paper writing course (4.0), Intro Econometrics (4.0), Advanced Econometrics (4.0)

Other Courses:

Letters of Recommendation:

1) Professor from research writing course. Decent publications record, has one in R&R with AER. Graduated from T10. I received the highest score in the class, and also worked for him as RA this past summer. Was supposed to continue throughout the entire year but had funding issues due to Covid :( Said he would write a very strong letter.

2) Prof from advanced econometrics course. Very good relationship with him, should be a strong letter. Graduated from top 5. Really good reputation and publication record. Unfortunately wasn’t able to work with him on any research


3) Professor from introductory econometrics. Him and I get along quite well. Graduated from T15 (and my #1 school coincidentally). I think it will be a good letter, perhaps not as strong as the other two.

Research Experience: 4 months doing coding work in Stata for research Professor. Didnt do any formal writing but did write up reports for my Professor and his coauthors.

Teaching Experience: TA Introductory Macro (Fall 2020), TA Introductory Micro (Spring 2021), Tutoring Intro Micro and Metrics


Research Interests: Labor, education, health, econometrics

SOP: Decent, but nothing earth-shattering

Other: I did really poorly in school before switching to Econ, particularly in my first year (was put on academic probation). I have a 0.0 on my transcript in an unrelated course from freshman year, as well as bad grades in Calculus for Business (2.5) and Statistics for Business (2.5). How much will this weigh into decisions, besides slogging my CGPA?


Where should I be aiming for?

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