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Please rate my ielts task 2 general training essay


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Some people argue that the government should give every unemployed person a mobile phone and should make sure they have access to the Internet.

They believe this is the best way of using public money to reduce the problem of unemployment.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?



Unemployment has a long history. It is a problem which over the time has only increased instead of reducing even after being well versed with its effects. One of the main reasons for unemployment is immense growth in the rate of population year after year. Government, though trying all variety of solutions, is unable to deal with the issue successfully till date.


Many believe providing unemployed with a mobile phone and internet facility can help in decreasing the rate of unemployment. Majority of the population does not have the privilege of using technology due to lack of money. This will help jobless people in finding new jobs matching their skill set and also, learn new if a job demands. In addition, via internet one can do certifications or watch videos and enhance his/her talent.


Contrary to the previous statements, mobile phone and internet access can deviate many people from achieving their goal, finding a new job or doing certifications online, by being a source of wastage of time in unnecessary things. In today’s world, cell phones and internet have become a boon rather than a bliss. Instead of being of help, it can also turn as a reason for unemployment. Alternatively, the government should just provide mobile phones, appreciate small businesses and foreign investment, which will in return create job opportunities for the needy.


To conclude, in my opinion, though providing mobile phones and internet services is a good suggestion but there are several other ways where public money can be used more effectively and efficiently serving the problem of unemployment. Lack of jobs is a pivotal issue and should be addressed with a full proof plan, as things are depleting day by day.

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