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Should I report my 165 GRE quant score for PhD applications?


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I took the GRE a few days ago and got Q165, V167. Given the fact that many top schools aren't requiring GRE scores, should I submit these relatively mediocre scores to top programs?


Here's further context about my profile:


Undergrad from average Canadian school with 3.94 overall GPA and 3.99 GPA in Math/Stats/Econ courses. A+'s in all math and econ courses, including real analysis and advanced cal, except for A's in linear algebra and probability theory.

Master's from top-2 Canadian school (top 40ish globally) with all As and A+s.

Short RA-ship during my Master's with a good young prof on an AEJ paper.

I've been working in the public sector for 1.5 years since finishing my Master's.

LORs from my RA-ship prof and MA Econometrics prof, neither of whom know me super well, but both seemed happy to write the letters. Other one is from a PhD economist I worked with in government who got to know me very well.


Applying to US top 10 schools and Toronto.




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