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Please Evaluate my GRE Issue Easy. Is it enough to get a score of 3 or 4 ?

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Topics: To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities.


A society can consist of many large and small cities as well as rural areas. Each area has its own distinct character. As characteristics of areas differ widely, one can miss the most important characteristics of a society by just studying major cities.


The major cities play different role in a society. A city can be the capital of the country, a city can be the capital of the state or a city can have a port that serves as a business hub. Among the vast different characters of these cities, it is very difficult to find out the most important ones which is also common. Even if someone completes this difficult task, he missed out the rural areas completely which varies widely from cities. It is possible that all the citizens of the major cities have a very busy and dynamic life, while rural people lead a very simple life. In this case, dynamic life style is one of the most important characteristics of the major cities but not for the rural areas, thus not the most important characteristic of the society.


There can be other difficulties in this study. There can always be a lot people staying in a major city and they aren't permanent resident of the city. Their behavior can differ from the permanent residents or even from themself when they are staying in their own city. For example, people go to Las Vegas for gambling or having fun. Although they spend a lot of money without any care in Las Vegas, this is not their normal character. Similarly, people can behave differently from their normal state in capital or historic cities or cities that are famous amongst tourist.


However, there can be a lot of similarity between cities and rural areas. For example, the citizens of major cities start their day with a cup of tea or coffe while reading a newspaper and the people of rural areas also start their day with a similar fashion. But this need to be confirmed by studying both areas. The citizens of major cities may eat a lot of junk food. On the other hand, rural people may strictly follow a healthy diet. There is no way to tell this without studying both sides.


People can behave differently in city and rural area. There can also be a character that is common to all major cities, but not in rural area. Nonetheless, there can be character which is common both to rural areas and major cities. So, to understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study both major cities and rural areas.

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