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Notre Dame PhD vs. LSE MSc Econ


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So I got into both programs, but I can't decide which is better. LSE gives me a shot at a better program, especially with their pathway to its MRes/PhD program. However, Notre Dame would save me a few years and offer some certainty. I'm interested in Macro and financial economics, and I want to work in the public sector after my PhD. Which do you think is better?
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But LSE is a master. I don't plan to have a career in academia so does the ranking matter that much?


If you're eyeing/okay with an industry/public sector placement, then I think Notre Dame is fine. Just look through the past placements of students there and see if you're fine with landing something like that. This is especially so once you consider the added cost of an MSc at LSE. Do note that the programme is highly competitive, since the MSc Econ is a natural second choice for people who didn't get into EME, so it'll be pretty competitive, and it's not guaranteed that you can perform in the top 25% of the cohort, since virtually everyone there is using it as a stepping stone to a good PhD programme.


Ranking doesn't matter as much if you're not looking for a career in academia, but the prestige and connections due to graduating from a higher ranked school definitely can't hurt, when it comes to any career placement.

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