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Teachers' salaries should be based on their students' academic performance.

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Education is an efficient tool that exists not only in educational sector but also in corporate sectors as well. Universities, Schools & corporations hire teacher to educate their students or employees. High authorities or management work with teachers and his/her proficiency to decide the compensations. The prompt states that a teacher's salary should be solely contingent upon their students academic performance. In my opinion, I disagree with the statement because there is a little relationship between the students performance with teacher's calibre, though, there are many other factors(discussed in below paragraphs) which can help in deciding the teacher's calibre and compensation.

To begin, the relationship between a teacher and a student is like 2 tyres of a cycle. It should not only be the teacher's responsibility to involve best practices for imparting maximum knowledge to students, but students should also be willing to travel along the ride and should have the ardency to gain as much knowledge as possible. If either of these tyres rupture, the cycle can't move. To illustrate, consider a "Data structures & Algorithms" professor in a university, who works assiduously, conducting the timely classes, providing notes, assignments, arranging practicals, taking tutorials and doubt sessions for the students through the semester, but if the students of his class are apathetic to teachers effort and take little to no use of the provisions, they will end up scoring bad in semester exams. Even if the teacher has been up to the mark, It is the students unattentiveness and laxity in academics responsible for the bad academic performance. In such a case, the student's academic performance doesn't qualify as the accurate metrics for the teacher's calibre and salary at all.

The view that students academic performance shouldn't decide the teacher's calibre doesn't mean that students don't play any role in judging the teacher's calibre or compensation, rather students can play a major role here. For a teacher to successful at his/her role, the teacher should be affable and approachable. Students shouldn't feel formidable about their lack of knowledge or silly doubts, while approaching the teacher. Rather, teacher should maintain a healthy environment by encouraging students to ask even the most frivolous doubts. Universities or schools can make use of efficient contemporary tool i.e Feedback System. Students should be presented with a feedback forms quarterly(or at any other intervals) to rate the teacher based on different parameters like affability, knowledge of the topic, expressability, punctuality etc. Universities can make maximum use of such metrics while judging the teacher's performance and deciding compensation. Such a system would not only help authorities to judge the teachers but it would also provide an opportunity for the teacher to improve at their weaker aspects.

There are numerous other metrics that can be utilized while deciding the teacher's compensation. At the time of hiring, university/school authorities or higher management conduct the interviews to judge the applicants knowledge and decide their compensation accordingly. As knowledge isn't static, it might be the case that a teacher had less knowledge at the time of hiring but with time the teacher had worked and improved which deserves a better compensation. In such cases, universities or schools can conduct the timely tests to judge their performance and base the compensation of teacher on that. High authorities and management can also make use of evidences like citation, publications, books written by a teacher while deciding upon the teacher's salary. Evidently, a teacher with more renowned publication or citation deserves better acknowledgement and compensation than rest.

In essence, from the above mentioned views, it seems correct to say that student's academic performance shouldn't be the metrics to judge the teacher's calibre and decide the compensations. Instead, there are many other tools like citation, publications, feedback systems which ease out the job in deciding the compensation for the teachers.

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