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Profile Evaluation and University suggestion


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Hello, I am planning to apply to PhD in economics programs (Fall 2022). My profile is as follows:


Undergraduate: BBA with a Major in Finance (University of Dhaka, the best university in my country Bangladesh, although not highly ranked) CGPA (3.94/4.00).


Graduate: MSc Finance from The University of Manchester (Grade: DIstinction)

Graduate : MS Economics in my home country (Ongoing, finished 24 credits out of 36, current CGPA 4.00/4.00)

Graduate Coursework: Under MS mathematics in my home country (completed four courses, currently taking 4 more but the result will not be available before application)


Math Courses:

Completed : Calculus I,II ; Partial Differential Equations, Integral Equations, Mathematical Statistics, Business Statistics, Matrix theory with Linear Algebra (This is a P/NP course, prerequisite for MS mathematics courses) . All are A/A-

Currently Taking: Real Analysis (P/NP course), Discrete Mathematics, Dynamical systems, ODE, Stochastic Processes (Results will be available in February)


Economics Courses:

Undergrad Level: Intermediate Micro (I,II), Intermediate Macro (I,II)

Graduate Level : Advanced Micro, Advanced Macro, Cross-sectional Econometrics, Time series econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics, Mathematical Economics


Other Relevant Courses: International Finance, Asset Pricing, Empirical Finance, Labour Economics (All Graduate Level)


GRE: Quant 169, Verbal 153, AWA 4.0 (Planning to retake in early November)


Research Experience: Independent Masters Thesis in Manchester (Got distinction), Econometrics courseworks with good remarks, Doing another thesis for MS Economics in my home country


Teaching Experience: Working as Lecturer in one of the Universities in my country. Taking Advanced Business Maths Course.


LoR: Supervisor from Uni of Manchester, Two top economists of my country (I have taken multiple courses under them and have done good in research coursework)


I am planning to apply to 9/10 schools from the top 20 and 3 from 20-30. MIT, Princeton, Harvard, Berkeley, Wisconsin Madison, John Hopkins, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, Vanderbilt, UCSD, Boston.


Some suggestions would be helpful:


1. Do you think I am too much ambitious in case of selecting schools?

2. Do you think the less known schools (from where i have done econ and math courses) will be a disadvantage for me? Although I have done good in rigorous programs like MSc Finance in Manchetser which was mostly proof based masters.

3. Since some of the math courses will not be shown in transcripts though i am currently undertaking those, how do I mention those? In My SoP?



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I think you do have a shot at these schools except for MIT Harvard Princeton Berkeley. Do not apply there unless there is a massive boost to your profile from now until then, it will just be a waste of application money. Try applying to lower top 10 like NWU NYU. I would suggest applying to some pre doc as well if you aim for the very best (top 5-7, those mentioned in your OP). Also I wouldnt retake GRE, it is already good enough.
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Thank you so much for your suggestion. Actually sorted the schools based on my research interest and the professors working in this field. But yeah will look into the lower top 10 and may be focus a bit more on the 11-20 schools. About the GRE, I have heard mixed opinions to be honest, some say Quant 169 is okay and some say verbal 153 might be a concern. Will loon into pre doc as well, thanks.
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You should probably add a few more in the 20-30 range, and a handful in the 30-50 range as US universities (unreasonably) tend not to hold degrees from the UK in high regard.


Ohh okay. Did not know that. Will keep in mind and thanks for your suggestion. However, my undergrad and econ/maths course unis follow north american system but the problem is the schools are not well known. DO you think a masters from US top with grad level econ courses will help>

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