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Advice Needed: Topology vs Time Series vs Game Theory

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Hello fellas! First post here. I was wondering on taking these courses, but my time slots are limited. Assuming I would like to concentrate in macro in the future, in order or priority, which ones should I take? Which ones give a better signaling value to admission committees? I was thinking that Time Series might be more useful but always thought that math courses for micro theory give a better signal. Edited by Erin
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Hi. It depends on math courses you have already taken. If you have enough math courses, then it will be unnecessary to take topology, so go for time series, otherwise topology is preferable. IMHO, from the description of TS course it seems the course is not advanced one but demonstrates basic things that can be learned by self-studying within 2-3 weeks, hence if I were you, I would go for Topology.
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