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Msc/,MA economics in India vs Doing it abroad


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I'm a third year undergrad economics student (Bsc.). I want to pursue a masters in economics, however haven't been able to decide whether I want to pursue the same in India or abroad.


A couple of things:

1. Top institutes in India such as DSE, ISI, IGIDR tend to match international standards - this is what I've been told and if I choose to pursue masters in India, i will be attempting to get into these institutes.

2. About by future plans, as of now, I'm not too sure whether I wish to want to pursue a PhD or work in the industry. However, if I do choose the latter, I probably wish to be doing it here, in India;

3. Background - I come from a private university (tier II), average GPA (as of now) is over 9.0, with considerable experience in various extra-curricular activities.

4. If I do choose to pursue a masters in econ abroad, i will be financing it through student debt. Wouldn't be the case if i choose to do it in India



1. Given my background and unclear goals, should i pursue a master's in India or abroad?

2. If I choose to do it abroad, what are my chanced of getting financial aid (realistically)

3. Apart from UK (which happens to be a popular destination among by peers for a masters in economics), what are the other countries I can look at?


Thanks in advance.

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