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PhD in Accounting - GMAT requirements


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16 hours ago, StrategicMGMT said:

Quantitative is more important and at top-10 there is a lot of randomness even if you had a 750 score. 700 minimum but I'd guess these days they probably expect even higher (720+). 

Do you think a score of 700 will be a deal-breaker for some top schools?

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Top 20 are always very hard to tell. Extremely competitive, but also sometimes the schools are willing to take the risk. I don't recommend targeting only top 20 even if your profile looks perfect. 

A score of 700 probably isn't impressive even for top 50. Schools should get several applications with scores higher than that, so it certainly can be a deal breaker. You will be compared to other applicants after all. That being said, if that score of 700 includes a perfect quant score, then it's less of an issue because the quantitative score is the main concern for accounting. 

There is often a big difference between the minimum to be considered and what it takes to be accepted. The goal is usually to stand out among a very strong set of applicants, and not to meet minimum requirements. 

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