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Profile Evaluation: Applying 2022 Fall


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Type of Undergrad: Liberal Arts degree (mediocre grades) at a reasonable university in Europe. Then did a two-year economics course, the first year was like an accelerated undergraduate degree in economics and the second year was a Masters in economics from a second-tier university in Europe. It is reasonably well known. It's an unconventional background and the first year of the Masters I had mediocre grades because I wasn't ready for the Math. In the Masters, I was one of the top students though.

Undergrad GPA: Liberal Arts (undergraduate) 3.5/4.0 equivalent
                            First year of economics (accelerated undergraduate) 3.5/4.0 equivalent
                            MSc in economics 4.0/4.0 equivalent

GRE: 167Q

Econ Courses: Undergraduate: Intermediate Micro(B) Intermidiate Macro(B) Econometrics (B). Others (Bs/low As)
                         Grad Micro (A), Grad Macro (A), Grad Econometrics (A)

Math Courses: I am taking some Math classes from a distance learning university in the Europe, with all A's. September 2022, I will take some more Math classes. In my university, it was not common to take formal Math classes but all of them had lots of calculus, linear algebra, and some Real Analysis (especially in the Masters).

Research Experience: Three papers in progress. One with one letter-writer. Another with a seperate letter-writer (this was my idea and we think it could be a top field journal, even though it's early). One with a professor I RAd for. 

Recommendation Letters: 1. From a Professor I RAd for. Very well known and good publication record. Am co-authoring with them. Very very strong letter.

                                            2. Taught me in my Masters. Has a bunch of second-tier general interests and top fields. Am co-authoring with then. Strong letter.

                                            3. Taught me in my Masters.

Research Interest: Labour Economics.

Concerns: My primary letter writer thinks I deserve to go a top school and will say they think I can fit in at a top 8. I haven't spoken to my secondary letter writer yet, but I think they'll say I'm good (we're working on a paper together that could publish well) but the letter won't be as good as LOR1. But they can talk about how the paper was my idea, I got the data etc.

However, I have a very unconventional background. I hope my poor performance in the first year of the Masters and in my liberal arts degree doesn't haunt me too much. However, I have three papers in progress with people with good track records of publishing. I have a 4.0 in my Masters. I'll take more Math classes in September 22, which means the grades would be out by the following year when I would begin the grad programme, but I expect to get A's in all of them. Hopefully I can talk about this.

Where do you think I could place? 

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There aren't many candidates from European programmes here. On top of speaking to your letter writers, you can also check with your programme admin on where past graduates from your MSc ended up at (if the info isn't readily available). Alternatively, you can browse through the past Profiles & Results page to see where others have gone on to in the past.

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On 1/20/2022 at 5:04 PM, phil2121a said:

Bump. I know I need to speak to my letter writers but any idea of where I could get into?

You are right that your letter writers are best positioned to answer your question. There isn't much value in us speculating. In addition tutonic's good suggestion, my additional piece of advice is to apply to a diverse range of schools and, outside of the top 10 or 15 (or whatever), focus on programs that are particularly strong in your areas of interest. 

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