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Profile Evaluation 2023 (bit unconvential)


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Undergrad and Grad form T10 institutes in non- US institutes

Undergrad GPA: 81/100 (Non-Econ)

Grad1 : 6.6/10 (Economics, poor grades due to some personal problems but improved grades from C's in first term to A's in last term)

Grad2: 84/100 (Distinction, statistics)

Because of my bad grades in Econ masters and lack of math courses in my transcripts, I took bunch of math and econ courses from a Top institute from my home country.

GRE: Quant: 167, verbal: low. Planning to take again

Econ Classes:  PhD level Macroeconomics-1,2 (C,B), PhD Microeconomics-1,2 (C,B), PhD Econometrics-1,2 (C, B), Labor Economics (A), Time series(A), Experimental Economics (A)     -                        all  from Grad 1.

                         Masters level Macroeconomics (A), Masters Microeconomics (A)  -- independent courses taken

Math Classes: Probability Theory(A), Descriptive statistics (A), Statistical interference(A), Statistical techniques(A), Industrial statistics-1 (Decision and game theory, A), Industrial                                    Industrial statistics -2 (Linear Programming and Regression modelling, A) -- all from grad 2

                         Single Variable calculus (A), Multivariable calculus (A), Linear Algebra (A), Real Analysis (pursuing), Differential equations (Pursuing) -- independent courses for credit. Results for pursuing courses will be in time for applications

Research Experience: 0.6 Years with Prof. (Retired) in labor economics and 1.5 years as RA at ThinkTank (on competition economics)

Letters of Recommendation: 1 from Grad 1 professor, 1 from mentor (Asst. Prof) from Thinktank and need to ask another professor from Grad-1 for LoR

Research Interests: Open for all options. Currently leaning towards IO and macroeconomics

Thank you to anyone reading this and I appreciate any guidance I get. I am more interested in UN bodies like WB, IMF and private career than academia, I'm unsure which ones to apply for. I have thought of few but they have lot of variance and could be out of my reach too (as my Grad 1 grades are low and doing courses for non-us college may not give strong signal to admissions committee). Some universities I thought are UVa, GerogeTown, Madison, Vanderbilt,Maryland, John Hopkins, BC.

I would like to hear some suggestions to places where I can apply to or I'm competitive for.

Thanks all

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