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"The increasingly rapid pace of life has created more problems than it has solved"


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"The increasingly rapid pace of life has created more problems than it has solved"


The fast pace that we live our lives is causing more problems then it is solving. Quality time has diminished while road rage, automobile accidents, and health problems are all on the rise due to our fast-paced lifestyles.


The fast pace of our lives leaves little time for quality time over dinner. When I was growing up we would sit down and spend an hour taking about the day’s events and connecting with each other. With the speed of life as it is my dinners with my family are rushed to an average of 15 minutes, then it is on to the next thing each of us has to do that evening.


Rushing back and forth through out the day and always being in a hurry has lead to the epidemic of road rage. In the past two years I have witnessed 50 road rage incidents on the way to work and back. Everyone is in such a rush to get anywhere that they are in a constant state of rage is anything is slowing them down.


Car accidents are also on the rise due to our increased pace of life. People are in such a rush to get places that they are speeding on our roads which were only designed for 55-65 miles per hour. This increase in driving speed has lead to an increase in automobile accidents.



Health problems due to the increase in pace of life are also on the rise. The stress of having to speed through life without taking a break is taxing on our hearts as well as our waste line. Having such a fast-paced life means that more people are on the go eating out at fast food restaurants because they don’t have the time anymore to cook a healthy meal. The increase in fast food dieting has lead to the increase in heart attacks, cholesterol and the ever-increasing size of our waste bands.



In summary, our increased lifestyle is causing major problems with our family life and health. While people may be getting more done in a day, the quality of what they are getting done is good.

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U need more practice regarding coherency of thoughts with integrity among sentences. The points u made sounds like minutes of a lecture.Try to express ur self in a complex way. Last but not the least pay heed to intro and end.


hope it helps,



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