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Maybe I'm superstitious, but I wanted one of our members to be the first to post in these forums. So, now that Knok has extended a welcome to the new pharmacy forum, I'd like to jump in for a second.


First, I've decided to put the new forum near the top of the forum for a short time so that it will attract more attention. Probably some time in February, I will move it elsewhere in the forums. Don't worry, though--all your bookmarks or URLs will not change, just the "visual" location in the forums.


You will also notice that we now have two separate forums for the FPGEE and the NAPLEX. Because I'm not really familiar with those tests, I'm not sure whether it's best to keep them together or separate. Since it's easier to merge forums than to split them, let's try it this way for a while. Later on we can decide the best way to handle the forums.


Of course, I will listen to all feedback; I want the forums to be helpful and productive, like our other forums here.


So, welcome to the new pharmacy forum, and enjoy! :D

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hi raj


i am really doubtful about that as the National Association of boards of pharmacy has only specified that either you should be 4-yr BS degree holder or 5-yr degree holder in pharmacy. From 2003 onwards you need to have a 5-yr degree.


anyways you can confirm from the customer service by sending them a mail. here is their mail ID : custserv@nabp.net.


all the best




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Hi ,

Thanks to Erin and Knok for starting this pharmacy forum.It will be very useful to all and we can discuss and exchange ideas.This testmagic site is the greatest as it has all sections requrired for foreign pharmacists to discuss their questions.



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Do we have pharmacy forum to discuss general concern about pharmacy and internship and another two forum, NAPLEX and FPGEE to discuss about this two exams and law exams?
Yep, that's about it. The NAPLEX and FPGEE forums are sub-forums of the main forum, the Pharmacy Forum.


I think it's easier to do it this way; if it turns out that it's better to merge the forums, we can do that pretty easily later.

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Hi Erin,

I'm a new member. I'm glad to participate this forum. It's very helpful for pharmacists like me. Thank you very much. However, I don't know we have sub-forums so I posted my general questions in the FPGEE forum.

Glad to see you here.


You'll notice I split off your questions and their answers to a new thread in the pharmacy forum. :)

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At first best wishes for our new forum :)

My query is I am a chemist with a masters degree in chemistry from India residing in United States, Can I take pharmacy licensure test in US.

waiting for reply!!

Thanx in advance:)



I thank the administrators of the forum. I wish all the best to one and all,


Namaste ! ! !


Dear Mr. Raj,


I am sure that u r not eligible to take Pharmacy licensing test at USA. The present requiremet for that is a 5 year Bachelor degree in Pharmacy is a must.

Depending on your experience you can try in pharma R&D.


Good Luck!



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I have a doubt.I'm a pharmacist from India planning to take the FPGEE on june 2006.How can we obtain the application form and what are the procedures to do from the college and university i studied.Is this the right time to send the application.I'm waiting for my TSE and TOEFL results.Could u pl give me a guidance. as early as possible.


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Hi peejai,

The website of NABP(National Association of Board of Pharmacists) is www.nabp.net

You can get info about FPGEE by seraching the examination section for FPGEE on this website. Their contact info is also given there. U can call or email them to send u an application for FPGEE, and they will send.

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I could not get enough score of TSE within two years after passing FPGEE, so that I have to start it over again. I plan to work on both FPGEE and TSE at the same time. However, I am wondering how I can improve my English speaking skill. Now I think of using "TAST" from ETS.


Has anyone used "TAST"? If so, please let me know your oppinion of "TAST".


Is there anyone who has used "FPGEE Secrets(by Morrison Media)" in this

forum? I also want to know how it works for you.


Thank you for your attention, and stay cool ( I live in California).:)

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Hi members,


It has been a while that this forum has been started. We are in an academic forum. Your messages are valuable assets to others. They are not deleted when you shut down your computer as you do in a chat room.


We need your cooperation.


Please read:


1. Please make testmagic an abbreviation free zone.




2. Have dictionary gone out of fashion?




I can't imagine if a foreign pharmacist uses a lot of abbreviations to his/her co-workers, doctors, patients, or starts a sentence without a capital letter.


We need your co-operation.



Thanks testmagic members.






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