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My scores and experience


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Hi Fellow TMites and Erin (The Magician!)


I finished my test today. I'm so glad it's over! :D


Here are my scores:

Listening: 28

Structure: 13 to 30

Reading: 30


Total: 237 to 293


I hope I get a good score for my essay.


Coming to the test experience:

I found that listening is slightly tougher in CBT than in the Paper based (I gave my paper based 3 years ago and my score was 657)


So, one really needs to pay attention to every word that's being said.

Since the next talk/conversation begins immediately after you answer one question on the previous conversation/talk, before hitting the confirm button, mentally prepare yourself to hear the next conversation or talk. Make sure that your concentration does not waver even for a second!


The structure too was slightly tougher than the paper based, but to people who speak English habitually and read good material, it shouldn't be a problem.


Reading was quite good. Not that the passages were easy, but there's normally a lot of time to think well and answer. So, I first answered all the questions and then used the remaining 30 minutes to check my answers, reading the passages again.


Unfortunately, unlike the GRE, the essay section comes in the end here. And I was quite exhausted by the time I reached this section. Anyways, since the topic is from the list published, starting and points shouldn't be a problem. All you need to do is organize and type your essay.


That's about it folks!

I had only a week's prepration or so, and I'm glad it's over!


I thank all of you for your support, directly and indirectly.


Wishing you all the very best!

-vemvin :)


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