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I scored a 660/800..my experiences


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Hi guys!


Been a while since i came here.

First of all its quite sad that so few people share their experiences of the Psych. test. Believe me, it helps to share!


My test had less than usual items...i think 203 or 205.

It varied from names of researchers ( many of whom I found to be obscure) to calcualtions and data interpreatation. SOme common topics were genetics..Gregor Mendel type, social Psych studies, old experiments, diseases and mental disorders.


The time was plenty and I found it easy to be relaxed there.

its a paper-&-pencil test so be prepared!


Write to me if anyone has any questions.

Good Luck!


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If money is no object: I recommend the Kaplan guide and the Princeton study guide in addition to older study guides by Arco and REA along with the older practice test by ETS -- all available from Amazon.com. Ideally, one will also read over several different introductory psychology textbooks to get a comprehensive perspective.


The most important thing is to constantly take practice tests from the study guides and the 2 ETS booklets (the current free ETS booklet at ETS.org and the older ETS booklet at Amazon.com).


To facilitate overlearning, Berkeley has some good online video webcasts in psychology and so does Yale.

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