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How much is the score worth? Chances at MIT, Harvard etc.


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Hi everyone!


I've just taken the GRE chem test and got a 950 (99%):grad: . Does anyone know if one can get a 990 or what the highest possible score is? ETS only says that some subject tests typically score in a smaller range than 200-990.


How good is that score for admission to MIT, Harvard, Yale, Stanford considering that I'm an intl. student? Is such a score standard at those schools or could it be an advantage?


Concerning the general test, I am worried about the verbal section. I currently score between 350 and 650 on practice tests, depending on the test prep company. Should I invest a lot of time into studying vocab or should I better try to take another subject test such as math? Would another subject test be an advantage?


Does anyone know how strict MIT etc. are concerning degrees? I am from Austria and my university can't award me an official bachelor degree because we have a different degree system here, although they could attest that I have reached an equivalent level.


How good are my overall chances of admission based on the following stats:



3 gold medals & 1 silver medal from intl. chem olympiad

triple winner of natl. chem olympiad

7 times winner of regional chem olympiad

winner of regional english contest

4th place on national english contest

skipped 11th grade at school, best of my class

skipped 1 yr at university, class rank 1 of 100

special price for best student's research project

recs by head of chem department, chem olympiad head mentor and perhaps head of the natl. science foundation

GRE chem 950/99%

GRE quant estimated 800, verbal estimated 400



no official degree, although certification that equivalent level has been reached

no financial resources at all



Thanks in advance for your answers!


Btw, don't hesitate to email me if you have questions about test prep etc.

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Concerning GRE chemistry test prep, I can really recommend REA's test prep book. It contains 5 full sample tests with questions very similar to that on the real exam. I must warn you that there are lots of typographic errors and that some questions are not relevant, but all in all I got scores very similar to that on the real exam.


I can also recommend to thoroughly study P.W. Atkins' "Physical Chemistry", which is a standard ugrad textbook, as well as some comprehensive organic chemistry textbook. Moreover, you should practice to do calculations quickly and reliably. Tasks from the chemistry olympiad (www.chemieolympiade.info) can be very helpful...I have participated in this olympiad for six full years and the GRE was easy then.


Don't worry if you can't answer all the questions, some are really difficult. I got 4 wrong and left 1 out--->Scaled Score 950 (will be different on other editions of the test).


Thanks for your evaluation and good luck for the test!

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