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TSE question in advance: Helpful or not?


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Hello everyone,


I am appearing for the TSE for the first time in this Feb. I am wondering whether knowing the test questions in advance, is really helpful or not??


Please suggest me with your past experience. I'm very much confused, while going through the post in this forum. Some threads by guys who passed TSE, are saying like, they didn't attain a passing score when they knew question before test. But when they go for a test without having an idea of question, they ace it.


So everyone, plz give ur humble opinion..

Thank you all in the participation.:tup:


Please suggest some thing in this reagrd.. I would like to request to those, who passed this awful test..

Enlighten us with ur experience, whether knowing question beforehand is helpful or not...

PLz plz plz

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Hi FPGEE dec 2005


when first time i appeared in september for TSE i knew the question in prior to get to the test center ,nice people from asia posted them .


when i got to the room i was very nervous and i didn,t listened to the guy throught the phon asking the questions i just wanted to say what i had prepared .i was fast ,and most of the questions i finished them before time ,and i did so many grammar mistakes ,since i wasn,t concentrating on what i was saying ,i wanted just to finish the test and leave.


im appaering for the tse second time in feb,im not going to know the questions in advance ( one of my freind ) knew the questions in advance but when she got in the test center she was the only one having different set ,and she passed the test from her first attempt .


my plan is just to practice and go to the test .freinds from asia are always the first to take the test and ofcours some of them pass the test


good luck


Hi freinds,

please if you are serious and want to practice hard 7-8hours a day for the coming december test.please contact me in my skype pharmacy69 or contact me i will give you my msn adress

my time is GMT time


best of luck

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