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In at Duke: Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science - Ph.D.


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I have received the official admission letter few hours ago (through email, so far).

I wish to thank the whole forum for your irreplaceable support[clap]

Although I do not post so often I want to express my gratitude to you: you, all, made the whole process more 'human', sharing useful info, stories and even feelings.


Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you. I am sure great news of admission is just around the corner, waiting for you in next days/weeks. Good luck and may you be accepted in your dreams' university.


About myself I have not accepted Duke's admission yet, but I do love their program and my prospective adviser is literally super: so I am quite sure I will go there.


Thanks Erin, for your forum that is simply 'magic' ;) I hope I had found it well before ... (better late than never, anyway :D

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Thank you very much all of you, for support and for celebrating with me :D


Milamber: again congrats for your great admit ... But I'm sure something even greater is going to come and looking forward to know fantastic news from you: you definetely deserve it!

About Cornell and Yale: I do hope I will be admitted, but even in that case it is unlikely I would change my plan to go to Duke (the group I would join is simply fantastic and they decided to give me admission to a 'pure' PhD -no exams needed, but the qualifying and another exam and working on my PhD thesis from day one) nevertheless I could choose any other course I would like to attend ...


Bilash: no official news of funding, but my prospective adviser told me I will have an RA, moreover it is possible I will also receive an extra fellowship. Fingers crossed:luck2:... :clover:


Again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart !

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