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Advise Needed - Indian-29-it-8yrs Exp.


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I think the next couple of years will be the last best time if I want switch gears and change my career path. But I am really in a big state of confusion as to what to do. I request you guys to look at my profile below and provide me with your ideas.


Indian National. Permament Resident of USA(Green Card)

Age : 29

Bachelors in Mech Engg.

Masters in Mech Engg from Indian Institute of Science(IISc) Bangalore India

(Good academic profile right from high school)

8 years of IT experience(Technical).

2+ years in India

5+ years in USA

Nothing great in exta carricular and community activities


I am a pure technical guy executing IT projects. No Complaints with current job. Everything is just great. Only one problem I have is, I will remain a technical guy for ever. Very less chances for doing any new type of work.

Reason for MBA: I see this as the only option I have right now to shift my carrer. I had enough with IT. Just want to switch to something totally different.

My employer will sponcer me for part time MBA with full tution. But I will have to remain in the same job!!! It doesn't make much sense to me, because this will get me an MBA which will not add any value to me. (Let me know what you think about this option)

Areas of Intrest:

Health sector Mgmt: I know this is the perfect oppsite thing to my profile. But I really have an intrest in it.

Production/Manufacturing: I can add some value here, as I always loved them in college.

Technology Management: For the obvious reason that my exp. fits this.



1. Is it a good idea to consider this shift now?

2. Any other fields I fit into?

3. Full time MBA Vs Part time MBA. Which one is better?

4. How are the above fields doing now?

5. What GMAT score I should target for? I think I can score around 680

6. Which schools are best for the fields of my intrest.

Thanks in Advance.

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if you are a career switcher in an unrelated field you shoud go for F/T

health care is a booming sector and has great growth prospects in near future.

technology mgmt implies big 5. i investigated this career and it has good growth prospects but one thing that ticked me off was travelling.


did you think about finance...

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I don't think you need an MBA: Its best you once again rethink the reasons why you want to do an MBA:


1)You dont want to be stereotyped as a lifelong 'technical guy'.

2)You want a change in your job profile


You may want to reconsider whether securing an MBA will give you these. The world is getting to be more and more specialized, i.e. more towards the technical side. You may want to look for a more 'general management' kind of job instead, albeit on the technical side. Also remember, the grass is always greener on the other side - so do some self study before making a decision.


All the Best! :)

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