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i got 50 and here is my advice


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i really understand what u been go through cause i was in the same situation:mad: i got my 50 for jan, in the fourth time

here is exactlty what i did to get the 50

1-in the story picture try to note the fine ,small details (like sunshine,clock on the wall

thats what make u diferent than any one else and make the rater give u higher score cause he listen to hunderdes

2-adv,and disadv start like this exactly--------- there are both adv and disadv to ------- and --------first the adv of 1 is give one sentence while the diadv is--------,on the other hand the adv of 2 is --------while the disadv is---------------by the end give ur conclusionlike that

(in conclusion i like no 1 becuse u repeat the adv of no 1

3-the opinion question always give ur opinion in the first sentence for example

i like to live in the city because of 2 reasons excitment,job opprtunites

then u start to elaborte by saying first in the city there r a lot of parks,museums, club

second by living in the city it opens the door for a lot of job opptunity and will help me to live a high standard of live

then u end it up by saying in conclusion i like to live in the city becuse of the (repeat the reasons)

4-graph is the easiest question since u dont need to bring any thing from ur mind,u just tell whats in front of u.dont forget to give prediction by the end i makes a bigggggggggg difference ( from the graph perdict that both 1 and 2 will continue to decreas or increase gradually or substaially whatever the case is)

5-its all a bout the organization,organizationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn no more .organize ur answer be intensive in talk and simple to make it easier for ur self.get the questions before u go to the exam form the forum it definitly helps, it did for me

6-if u guys follow this strategy u will be fine even with the time ,u will not need to worry a bout the time

7-complain strategy

hello this is adam the manger of the ----------

is this dora (the complaint name) hi how r u?

im calling regarding ur complain a bout ----------,im really sorry to here its --------overthere(show ur regret for the customer inconvenince),solve the problem immdeditly

give a specific time ,date

apolegize again and offer ur number( if u have any further problem plz dont hasitate to call me at my cell phone 718-555-8888 (that show u r freindly with the customer)

8-the progress report start like this

hello mr,miss (be very formal since u talk to your boss) this is adam im calling to update u regarding the progress report of the mention the title of the chart

always before u start here to say any thing give the overall impresion of the process like every thing is going well so far or slow or whatever the case then start to talk

and by the end say(if u have any further questions plz give me a call offer ur number

finalyyyyyyyyyyy,be organized dont let the rater to get lost:sleepy: ,make him follow ur ideas

no matter what u say as long as it makes sense its fine .just be orgnized



i hope u the best of luck .god be with,and i hope my tips would be helpful

for u

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