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NBCOT OTR - Occupational Therapy Registered Exam


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hi Guys


Today I got approval letter from NBCot to take the certification exam. I am very happy. I didnt have to take TOEFL coz I have done post graduate OT degree from the Australian University. How lucky I am!! I know TOFEL is a huge monster. English is not my first langauge.


Take care guys

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Hi to all of you .i am preparing for the NB COT exam next year.i want to know the detail how i prepare for the exam to score in the exam.i have little knowledge about it .please help me in scoring the exam.

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Hi jasicasth! I think you are asking how you should prepare for the NBCOT exam? I just passed may 2011 and looking back I would recommend taking all the practice tests you can get your hands on. I know for me the NBCOT addressed things that I never learned in OT school - so frustrating - Also there is just a ton of info you need to know, none of it is terribly complex or difficult but there is just so much stuff to know and recall. I outlined all the study materials I used and some of my scores on the practice tests tests here About Me. Good Luck!

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I successfully completed OTED process to satisfy Category B requirements in 2008 but my toefl wasn't complete They kept my file as 'Incomplete' and now all of a sudden they have closed my file & asking me to start over again. That time I sent my syllabus, completed 'Determination of Equivalency' sheet and sent the transcript and work experience.


- Have any requirements changed since then

- I didn't keep copy of documents I sent. Has anyone completed category B process on basis of BOT only ( from any indian university)

- Any factor or document or anything else due to which NBCOT can deny or not approve Category B Eligibility ?

I need some help but in case anyone is interested in getting more information on the process too, I can also help



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