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hi everyone call for may13th exam


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have failed 5 times in the past two years. Now I give up! I hope the material I have can help somebody to pass the TSE. Total for just $15. Let me know if you have interested. My email: taketse@yahoo.com.


The TSE material I have:


1. American accent training 2nd, by Ann Cook, 2002, (1 book in pdf format, 5 CDs)

2. Toward speaking excellence, 2nd, 2005, by Dean papajohn, in pdf format

3. TSE huge video kit 2005 (3 CDs)

4. TSE rating criteria with the real tse taker voice for each scoring (published by ESL offical, 2CDs)

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I am taking TSE in eagle rock high school 11:05AM..

anybody there? I almost lost my hope.--:yuck:

I'm in the same situation. I signed up for jd academy (bruno hill) online course and it's exellence, I quited my job and studying full time tor the las 2 TSE. It's worth if you can signup for one month, there are a lot of material.

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my wife got her result for march and its again 45. She doesnt have any idea wat to do. anysuggestions for books please post here. also call for may 13th exam.

Anyone who gets the question post it here please

thanks a lot guys


hi dear i tooo will be appearing on may 13th in chicago ... where

are your wife appearing please infor m e on angelmit@rediffmail.com..

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Hello To TSE Takers in May and June 2006

hi every one. let's do it guys this time and be positive and hopeful. The only trick I noticed from successors is that they only passed with slow and loud clear voice irregard of accent. I spoke to one of English teacher who has been teaching ESL for last 25 years in different countries like Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, and Mideast, he told me to record your voice on a tape recorder and listen carefully what you said. If we feel difficulty to hear your own voice then North Americans would definitely have difficulty. It is not important to finish in time but the thing is to pronounce the words clearly and loudly and slowly. Don't use slangs in test like I wanna, gonna. Use contarctions like won't, couldn't.

Those candidates who are in Asia and Fareast please post the test ASAP so tha we people in North America can be ready.It will help and GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.


appu raja

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Hello everyone

Please be advised to speak slowly, loudly and clearly. It is not important to finish all content but to say perfectly. Examiners check what you say and speak. Best way is to check your voice in a tape recorder and listen. If you listen with difficulty then North American examiner will hear with difficulty.Grammar and use of tense should be perfect.

Those friends who are taking TSE in Asian countries and Far east please post the questions ASAP so we can get them on time as the time difference is 12 to 14 hours. The only benefit is for North American students because we can get the questions on time.

As this June we will have last time TSE in North America so we have to do it by prayers and worships and all people from different releigions please pray for success and success and bring it down.

Thanks in advance to TSE takers in Asia and Far east:tup:.

Appu raja:)

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Hi to all!

Thanks for the advise appu raja. I'm also getting ready for my exam on the 13th of May. I have taken it for the 4th time already. I wasn't able to get my result during my first and second try(reason: TECHNICAL PROBLEM!) however, ETS just automatically reschedule me for the next available exam and didn't make a payment until my 3rd exam. I got my score there and I got 4.5. I'm hoping for this one that I can finally make it.

Goodluck to us guys!! God bless!!

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hi guys,

im taking he TSE on may 13th & im all jittery :( im pretty much sure im not going to get that elusive 50 ,after listening to all the horror stories of other tse takers.this is my first time and hopefully the last :D all the best to everybody!

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