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Hello Nbcot Preparators,


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Dear Friends,

My name is Rashmi. I completed my TOEFL ibt finally after four attempts of scores 88, 87, 84, and 87.. respectively. But, the fifth time i got in R-24, L-22,S-26, W-25.. with a total of 97.


I am planning to prepare for OTR, i graduated from KMCH coimbatore, If any one is intrested to join me in preparing for the exams i will be happy to do. I saw Sowmya had put up for a Book Sale, i wish to get Rita. Fleming from you. please tell me about the edition .Can anyone suggest me with a plan of how to begin my preparation for OTR?Thanx in advance for anyone who come up and share..




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Hye Rashmi,


I am from S.R.M coll. WEll, the exam was quite different thatn the ones ni simulated CDs. The nbcot prep guide isnt enough to prepare. They have added few more topic to the sylabus and the questions were more concentrated..

When are u giving the exam?

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hi, Good..from SRM ah...I have friends there too...So U live in US...ah...I am givin it on May 9th...How many practice tests did U take yaar?Did U prepare in Rita .Fleming? WHich book did U work on? And how long did U prepare?Just don worry..We can make it with little more effort..
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I have few CDs but they are no way near to the exam standards! Not even the nbcot prep cd sampler! Hve u got the 2007 nbcot prep guide? Yes, i followed the fleming's!!


The questions were more on Spinal injuries, approach oriented qs, much focu were on treatment and eval than on documntn and basics. A question has two conditions ni a single patient, asesment revealing a problem and pt needs his need prioritised for Rx. wchih would be approp!!These were the kinds most times.Very few were direct and moderate to answer!!


I am in chennai and if things goes well should leave U.S.So, which batch are u? Who do u know in S.R.M?


Where ar u now? Are u working? Have u filed ur H1B?




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Dont worry about that online exam & scoring less...it don't meant that in final exam you'll score less.Do not realy on that exam..passing that exam dont mean that you will pass the actual exam..many of my frends failed to reach score in online exam & still able to clear actual exams...& many could pass the online but failed to reach that score in actual exam.So never let go ur confidenece down.Just keep paracticing the questions as many as possible.And if possible try to write down all difficult Q.& the we can try to solve it in forum...try to get better rationals for each Q.I do have many Q.'s that i'll post online soon,then try to give best answer possible with better rationals.Lets do study in groups...lets discuss topics..which you find more difficult to understand...so that way we can make our foundation strong.Pls.let me know if u wanna ask me any kind of Q.Or let me know about this idea?



ya, i even took 2 purchased practice test from NBCOT online test, my score is always around 366..this just reduced my level of confidence..and i just don know how to start back in my preparations....just few couple of weeks left..




hello Sam,

Good Luck for ur result..dont loose ur hope...u never know may be u pass...so dont think negativley unless u find ur result.Post ur Q's what u find difficult to answer....so we all can have good reasoning skill.Good Luck!! again.



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ya, Swathi..U R right...Let us discuss together....and make up..let me post on few questions and let us share....


Hi Sam, As she says..don lose hope....U may clear it too...I belong to 98 batch..and i knew Nithya and Prasanna....I don have 2007 prep guide....but i prepare in Rita.fleming..Did U take online test by the NBCOT..?Don worry as Swathi says..we can make it this time...


Let me post some questions...


1) Rt.CVA with Homonymous Hemianopia..what is the adaptation for Reading

a)close to the face b)Marker, c)magnifier glass d)light intensity

2)School OT, working with a hypotonia kid who is in W/c, to encourage Table top activity in a group

a)u/e on the tray, b)foot rest, c)head and truck support, d)truck with lateral support.

3Juv.deliquency group for children OT role

a)self-expression, b)social skills training, c)new learning style

4)Fibromyalgia -Adaptation for hand pain during feeding

a)short opponens,b)MCP flexion dynamic splint, c) rocker knife and utensils with enlarged handles

5) Erb's palsy contraindicated position

a)complete elbow flexion, B.shoulderflexion, C.wrist flexion and extension, D.supination and elbow flexion to 90

6) 1yr old spasticity -prior to feeding,

A.stretch,B.ice teething toys,C;firm pressure,D.vibration

7)Which food can he tolerate initially.A.

A.cottage cheese,B.vanilla ice cream, C.plain natural yogurt, D.thick cream cererals.

8) ALS grooming and hygine take in more energy adaptation

-lap board, B.hand sling, C.orthokinetic wrist cuff, D.reacher..let us discuss the answers for the above...


And Swathi pick up a common and important topic....


Let us clear OTR..with flying colors...

Good Luck...

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Hi Rashmi,


In response to the e mail i had sent to NBCOT the director has replied stating no new sylabus were added nor did the exam pattern has changed. They have only done an analysis of exisitng practice!! But, that doesn't affect the exam sylabus!!


NBCOT has published the new NBCOT prep guide 2007 Edition and has added test taking strategies ,adult learning that would help to prepare. The new guide is to take much time to reach you after you order!!


Me in India, is gonna take much time to get it purchased!! Would be good if someone can send the sample prep exams thro mail!! I havefew other practice CDs.If someone is interested can e mail me to samdav7@hotmail.com


Watchout guys!!! There are many fake nbcot prep guides in the market! Dont get cheated!!Many clear majorly by getting the original nbcot guide.

So, keep going!!!

And, sorry folks its been quite some time I visited this forum!!





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heay Sam, Nice to see UR reply..Ya, as U say i can't order now for my new NBCOT 2007 prep guide...i am taking my exam on May 9th..So if some thing negative happens with my results then i will surely get it for my next try..As u said, these questions are real tough and complex..Just don worry..I guess we can make thro this as a grt team...




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hey Preeti,

Welcome to this Forum...

Do you have master degree? If yes then its still ok to take exam in Oct. But if you not master...theh I guess you putting ur self in great Risk.Your preparation time is MORE than Enough...I do understand you work full time...but you also need to concentrate in study..& get rid of this Exam. As we dont have much time left to clear it. Where r u located?

Well I just wanted to give my opinion..b'cos you asked for...i know everyone has their own idea of studing,so u must be knowing wht u r doin.

Good Luck:tup: .






Hi guys,


great to see this supprot group..im planning to write the exam in october, and only bout starting the preparation. wat do u guys think? have i given myself enough time for it, considering i work full time in NHS and can hardly take any time off!!!!!

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