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Television and radio broadcasts should be closely policed to prevent inappropriate material from airing; this will strengthen the moral fiber of our country’s citizens

Maintaining law and order is the duty of the state. But, the foundations for maintaining this law and order are laid at home and in schools, where a child learns to distinguish between good and bad, moral and immoral. Today, learning is not restricted to inputs that a child gets at school and at home. Various media like the print, television and radio are a source of information and entertainment. Just as the school curriculum is regulated to ensure that children are protected from wrong, immoral and distorted facts, it is important that the content of the television and radio also be regulated.

A society that wants to have a strong moral fabric should make sure that the foundations for such a moral fabric are laid in childhood. Today, children are exposed to various media, and thus it is important that the information or entertainment provided by the media is regulated so that it does not adversely affect the thoughts and behaviour of children. For example, there are various films and games which are violent. Studies have indicated that watching aggressive serials and playing aggressive games promotes aggression in children. Children should not be exposed to sexually explicit content at an early age. They should be protected from such harmful content. Policing the programs aired is the first step in this direction. There should be ratings for programs which would help parents decide which programs would be suitable for their children.

Regulation should be adopted for adult programs too. Today television and radio are not just a form of entertainment, but they also provide information, analysis of issues and help people form opinions. Even programs like soap operas also tend to affect thoughts and form opinions at some level. Programs that promote offensive material, set wrong moral standards, promote inter-community tensions and racism, are biased against a gender should be banned. Some would argue that with the explosion of entertainment channels and different forms of communications available, it is almost impossible to isolate people from harmful content. But when we do not do away with making laws even when we know that crime won’t be totally eliminated, why shouldn’t we regulate television and radio programs.

Thus, it is important to regulate the television and radio programs closely in order to have a strong moral fabric. It is all the more important for children as impressions formed in childhood are long-lasting. Adults are not immune from the affects of programs that they watch. They can also get carried away and mix reality and fiction, and arrive at incorrect conclusions. Therefore, programs that glorify immoral conduct should be kept in check.

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