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710 two weeks of study


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I read alot of these before I went to write my test so I thought I'd write one as well.


My results were q 49 90% and verbal 38 and 85% which gives me a total score of 710 and 94%


I'm really happy with this score as the school that I want to goto Dalhousie in Nova Scotia, Canada only needs 550 to get in so this should make me look good.


Anyway about the test.


When I wrote the test in Burnaby, BC Canada it was in a little hole in the wall office at the bottom of an office building. You actually had to go into the stairwell to get into the place.


Once I was there I had to get my photo taken, sign an electronic pad and get fingerprinted. Everytime I left the exam room for my breaks I had to get fingerprinted on the way in and show my id. There were two cameras and a microphone in the room and two people observing the 3 students. I have no idea how you could cheat on this test but they certainly made sure you wouldn't. I also had to take off my watch and hat and wasn't allowed to have anything in my pockets not even my wallet. Very strange.


The test itself was identical to the practice tests that they give you so there is no surprise there.


As far as studying went I first considered getting my MBA two weeks ago and heard I needed to write some wierd test 5 hours away from where I live. I signed up for the test and did one of the practice tests. On that test I got 710 so I was really happy with that. After going over the review questions in the software I did the test again and then got 680 so thats still way better than the 550 I needed but I figured the test would be harder.


So over the Easter weekend I bought the GMAT official guide and worked my way through it studying for about four hours a day for 5 days making it the most I've ever studied for an exam(my undergrad degree was in engineering).


Wrote the test and got the same as the first score I got. I do think the studying helped though but I'm pretty good at math as I've been tutoring highschool math and calculus and I read alot of newspapers which helped on the verbal.


Thats my experience. It's stressful cause they try to make it stressful. And for all you crazy people aiming to be in the top 99% you have to remember that only 1% of people get there just do your best. I apologize for the poor typing used all my good stuff on the AWA.

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I found the quantative section to be more difficult than the typical review question and I thought that the verbal was easier than the review.


I could tell as I was doing well on the verbal because the reading comprehension questions changed from what does it say to what does it infer.


The sentance correction which is my weak point were usually quite short, a phrase or even a word at times.


The math questions were all over the place with stats geometry and algebra. A basic understanding of graphing helped.

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