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mommy G

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Anybody who want to sell the new nbcot OTR study guide & study guide supplement (latest)..im interested. I shoud've ordered it from nbcot but i cant wait for 5-6 wks to get it. so pls, for those who cleared the exam already..or who knows where can i get that...pls email me. thanks!


is this a must read reviewer? i would appreciate your comment. thanks again.

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Hi Abu

I am really sorry to hear that U couldnt make it second time as well. I am also very anxious as I m taking OTR 2nd time as well. My question is did you study from Rita Cottrell, Johnson and NBCOT study guide? Did you practice lots of practice questions?

One thing I want to tell you regarding master degree requirement for OTR. actually its a not Master degree in OT they want. They want Master entry level OT degree. For example My bech. degree was in human movements which I did in 4 years. after that I was not satisfied with my this career so decided to change it. I took admission in Masters of Occupational Therapy-graduate entry course which is only a 2 years course. And I become a OT in Australia. Technically speaking I did study OT only for 2 years and u studied 4 years.

I know its a very stupid rule of NBCOT. so thats what they want. they dont want actual master degree in OT

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